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    Server Rules:
    • An individual's own ignorance towards the rules will not constitute a plausible excuse for the reversal of punishment. All individuals are responsible for educating themselves on the server rules.
    • Racist remarks will not be tolerated through-out the community.
    • Any behavior seen undermining people's privilege to play on our servers will not be tolerated.
    • You are prohibited from posting any form of advertisements on any communication venue provided by eViL-mAnIa without prior consent from the executive admin (evilmaniac).
    • All forms of spam will not be tolerated on any communication venue provided by eViL-mAnIa.
      • Vote spam
      • Chat spam (You are allowed to bind a message which may assist new players at understanding the basics of any mods available on the server, but not spam it; doing so will constitute a violation of this rule).
      • Mic spam
    • All actions found to undermine the position and/or authority of an admin will be met with adequate consequences depending on the action (this includes admin impersonation, disrespect, and backseat moderating: leave moderating to admins).
    • No trolling, griefing, and/or other forms of intimidating behavior. Players found refusing to cease behavior which may be found irritating by others, following a request made by those individuals will undergo corrective action (this includes vocal spam).
    • While players are free to play with friends, constant team stacking such that teams are either uneven in number or in skill level will be seen as counter productive to healthy gameplay and met with admin intervention.
    • Imposition on players to take action against their own judgement will not be allowed. Players are free to make their own decisions regarding their gameplay and use of mods.
    • No individual shall be permitted to partake in purposeful activities which may impose negative consequences onto one's own team. All actions seen to create such a result will be deemed as team-vandalism.
      • Team-Killing
      • Suicidal tendencies as survivor
      • Buying witches or tanks as a survivor
      • Deliberate effort placed at avoiding the use of the in-game plugins after being instructed by one's own team on how to make use of such plugins
      • Deliberate kill stealing as special infected
      • Purposely leaving teammates behind when the situation allows for you to help them
    • Usage of glitches, and/or 3rd party software to one's advantage is bannable and will require no admin explanation. This excludes out of grid charges.
      • Baseless accusations against other players will be seen as an attempt to undermine another player's privilege to play on our servers. All players believed to be cheating must be reported on our forum. Supporting evidence is mandatory
    • Misinformation on a ban protest or submission will constitute a non-negotiable permanent ban. Official conversations with an admin will fall under the premise of this. Any misinformation during such a conversation will be considered an infringement of this rule.
      • Filing reports against players must be accompanied by adequate evidence: either a screenshot which portrays indecent behavior and/or a demo
    • Barring individuals off the server will result in severe consequences which may include a permanent non-negotiable ban
    • All forms of vote-abuse will result in admin intervention. This includes all votes started for reasons not deemed plausible (such as vote-kicking to make room for your friend)
    • Use of inappropriate images in sprays can result in a ban; this includes - but is not limited to - racist, sexist, homophobic, and pornographic content.
    • Although you are free to converse in any language, you are required to speak English when asked to do so by either: an Admin, or a team member
    • You are expected to comply with any request an admin makes of you at any time. If you feel a request is unreasonable, you may either comply with it or leave the server, and inform a senior admin of the situation via the admin abuse section of the forums.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.